Fibroids Symptoms and How You Can Treat Them

Welcome to Fibroids Symptoms and their Treatment.

We have everything that you need to make your life easier while battling fibroids. Knowledge is power and my goal is to give you as much knowledge of fibroid symptoms and their treatment as possible. As a result, you will be able to make more educated decisions as whether to remove your fibroids by a surgical or non surgical route. Fibroids are slow growing, so there is time to try non-invasive options.

If you choose to try a natural treatment plan to address your fibroids, I will help you with specific and immediate actions that you can take starting today. These steps can relieve your fibroid pain or even reduce the size of your fibroids. Besides the step by step instructional process to relieve your fibroids symptoms, I will include interviews, additional natural treatment options, as well as medical options and doctor reviews state by state.

Last, any product that I have found useful for me, any recipe, any diet menu or water fasting technique, I will provide them as well so you can immediately get onto the road of recovery from your fibroids symptoms. These are just some of the helpful things that you will find here.

What are Fibroids Symptoms?

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, it is possible that you have uterine fibroids. To check it out, you should make an appointment with your doctor to do an ultra sound and if necessary, an MRI for a clearer picture.
  • Heavy bleeding during periods.
  • Debilitating cramps.
  • Excruciating abdominal pain.
  • Needing to use super plus tampon pads frequently.
  • Period lasting between 5 and 7 days.
  • Breakthrough bleeding, irregular spotting/bleeding in between period cycles.
  • Needing Ibuprogen or other pain killers just to get through the day.
  • Pain during or after sex.
  • A feeling as if your insides are being torn.
  • Fullness or pressure in your belly.
  • Low back pain.
  • Urge to urinate often.

What causes Fibroids Symptoms?

The general concept is that fibroids are caused by a condition known as estrogen dominance, or an over production of estrogen. The underlying problem is a relative excess of estrogen and an absolute deficiency in progesterone. In the west, the prevalence of estrogen dominance syndrome approaches 50% in women over 35 years old. What this means to you is that it is possible to bring your hormones back into balance, using practical and straight forward strategies which will be explained in greater detail.

The immediate action that you should take now is to verify whether or not you are suffering from Uterine Fibroids. If you are, make sure to keep your records of the number, location and size of your fibroids. Once you know that, come back to to learn how you can alleviate your fibroid pain.